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Thursday, October 8, 2009

:: Jamuan Hari Raya ::

Date : 2nd October 2009
Venue : Discussion Room, Statutory Bodies Division

Last Friday morning, our discussion room started full with foods!! We had discussed just to make 'pot luck' style where everybody must bring their originally cook from home (of coz la using own $$$$). So, that morning we have laksa penang, lontong+nasi himpit,rendang (ayam,daging,tok), kuah kacang,lemang, pecal bihun, kopok, fruits, ekor ayam ~ cocktail =) ,sandwich, kueh (i.e samosa etc) kueh raya. We had also invited all the bekas2 ahli of this division to come along and celebrate our jamuan. For ur guys info, i brought pecal bihun and rendang tok. Rendang tok of coz la everybody knows about it. But they were freaky shocking when i said the bihun (which i brought) must eat with kuah pecal. Hahaha. I told them, this kind of cara makan i only knew when i got married to my hunny bunny ~ mr.sukri bin talib =]

Unfortunately, that day my appetite seems closed (tak rapat sgt le) becoz i only eat sandwich (taking breakfast) nasi himpit without lontong, kueh, pecal (mkn makanan sendiri la pulak..kasi habis cepat) and ekor ayam. I've heard laksa penang was taste soooo good but i didnt take the chances to try. Maybe that day, i realized that i have gained my weight!!! (manyak baju dah mula ketat ~ yak dushhhhh!!).Huhuhuhu =( need to do exercise.What else kalau bukan
sit up.
:: b, make sure ur wife do it every morning/nite ::

As usual, the jamuan raya continued till lunch and hi-tea. But our director (ayahanda) said"petang ni kita buat mesyuarat sikit"..Aduyai, spoil mood jamuan raya betul la.But then, the meeting became unofficial meeting since there were so many food on the table and he chaired the meeting while eating lontong!!! That evening me and k.norish received an ad-hoc task (setiap hari pun gitu!!). We did the task perfectly (ye ke??) and he continued to do the write-up part. Thank you ayahanda =)

~ the ladies were 'fatting' themselves ~

~ girl must eat ~

~ ayahanda, k.jem n cik yati ~

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