Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June ohh june

It's going to be a tough month for me..nope..for four of us.
Me, hubby, and our imans.
Starting midst of june, i ll be going for a looonggg course in Intan.
13th until 22nd.Demmm long right?
What im concern is my lil munchkin.
About the ebm
Where to keep my ebm stock?
How to bring back my ebm stock
Should i bring my big ice box or should i just buy a polystrene box over there
How about the ice
Where to buy.Tell the bus driver, emm please stop at 7E for a while, i want to but few packs of ice
If he refuses to stop
Incik suami is leaving for Langkawi from 12-15 june and continue to PD from 19-22 June,
Then continue lagi 30-7 july (time tu ummi dah ada la)
Like it or not, imans need to be sent to Ipoh

We already send both iman to Ipoh last week
When our big iman gone to sleep, we packed our things and try not to wake him.
But before we left, he suddenly seems to know that we will leave him.
Asyik berdukung.
Sleep while hugging his babah.
Super comel..
We had no choice, but to leave them as fast as we can

Day 1 without Iman, our house is so empty
No cry, no laugh, no tantrum.
no ummi says "iman jangan, iman no, adik no,adik dont cry, meh pelok ummi,
Me, without my extra luggage, rasa free. But somehow, i miss them so much

Everyday, my mother will update me, about the imans.
Mak's sms.Today, there are fine.
This evening, they play, but adik tetap mengamuk, dont drink her milk..sigh T_T
Before sleep, big iman ok.Opah change diaper, but he close his eyes with hand.OMG
Adik, as usual, she wants 'tek' before gone bed.Ayooo..where to find adik oi??!!

Today, sgt sedih bila baca sms opah
"Mak yang toyak nengok iman beso..dia tengok keluar tingkap bilik tu panggil ta ta.Iman kecik ba ba.."
Ok. menangis mak!!!

10 more days to go.

Ummi babah miss u so much..T_T