Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:: maJlis rEsePsi ::

To anyone who’s new and didn’t know..im now mrs sukri talib..im very happy..

Date~ 31st May 2009 .::. Venue~ Puncak Meru

It was a great Sunday morning..My make up artist, Kak Su reached my house a bit early at 7.30am for my Majlis Khatam Quran..she started her work with simple touched and done by 8.25am..after I did my Khatam Quran (sorry no pic) k.Su came back around 11am and she started her skills and magic touch..At 12.30pm, I was ready..My wedding dress, from De' Aida Bridal Boutique (promo sikit), baju kebaya full with beads (ketat baju tuh).. i walked outside the room carefully..i found that so many eyes was staring at me and my best girl (anis adilah- she kept 'kipas'ing me..hehe) escorted me all the way..The bridegroom and the rombongan was waiting for us (me and anis) at the gate..After a while, i joined him..B4 that, to give respect to 'my husband', i've been asked to salam him..and i did!! In front of so many guests..and of coz in front of my parents..Wow!!Then, Auntie Zu's husband (sorry, forgot ur name), greet us with his selawat, before we walked to the simple but beautiful dais@pelamin with the sound of kompang..The Majlis bersanding continued with tepung tawar, makan beradab and of coz the photography session..

Im so happy to meet my friends (my sengal frens especially the smgrian- they dont know how to be polite in anybody's event..including me..haha~anis,cindai+hubby,cty,dayah,nono and the gang,ita,ain,izah, ayun,yana,farah+hubby and babygirl)..To my kachi's buddy (caca,aby,ana,enis,teng and hubby), thnx for coming..Thanks everyone for coming =) To my lovely family,especially my mom,dad, abg + wife, akak + hubby + adam + hawa, najib and hakim..Thank you for making my reception at home a beautiful event!

~ mempelai ~

~ da big family ~

~ the sengals ~

~ kachi's buddy ~

p.s: Other pictures are in my friendster and facebook (coming up)!

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Mrs. Asida said...

bestnya.. cantik nya.. :)