Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcoming the New Year #2014

Salam semua,

Happy new year 2014
And good bye 2013
Please be nice to me, husband, the kids and also my family

2013...left with sweet and bad memories.
I think year 2013 is the "smooth year" especially in economic aspects.wahhh gitewww
We did explore more in religious issues, try to be a better muslim. In sya Allah. 
The kids are growing bigger,healthier, smarter and even talk a lot espeacially adik. #cannot concentrate when watching tv because we need to listen to her and answer her Q..oohhhh adik..suara mcm petir plak tuh
The husband and wife relation went smoothly though i cant deny  the fights or difference thoughts sumtimes came across everyday but some how the "give and take", "adapt the bad and good thing of our spouse" and "lantak la..mmg gitu perangai" understanding just being good to apply. and we did it. No big fight, merajuk lama-lama thing.
The challenge to recover ayah from his sickness. Ermmm..
And we were offered for 2nd property..alhamdulillah..just wait and see..Ada rezeki ada la..

The tough year just begin..
I ll be away for my D*PA course for six month..oohemmmmgeeeee..another less than 60 days!!
The kids will stay with their babah..but of course im still hoping for the nearest I*TAN and no weekend activities..LOL
Keep praying that my MIL can stay with them throughout the period..oh plisss..make it come true.
Im just afraid the kids wont get LIFE just like when their ummi's around..haha..k**i..

ok, im hoping that we can go through this year successfully, bravely and happily for whatever challenges ahead and looking to be a better person in life.

**abaikan oh my english di atas

Happy New Year Everybody..

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